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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday 6:11AM, 20 hours 11 mins
Dawn between CP5 and 6. There is a big gap in the photos here because I was too tired to notice that I hadn't taken one for a while. Mike had battled on with his knee pain and tiredness since leaving CP4, but reversed a decision to withdraw after he had a good strapping from a physio and a two hour pass-out in the O'Brien's camper. The rest of us also put our heads down in the camper, and at 4:30AM we headded off for CP6.
Ren had entered her silent phase, so no-one really knew how she was, but at least she wasn't limping. Tony, as always, seemed in good spirits, and dispite having some pain in his knees was happy to keep moving at a solid pace. Mike made the initial down-hill section quite well, but was thankful at one point for Tony's quick hands when he almost slipped off a ledge into the darkness and was grabbed by Tony just in time. Drama!
After that, the pain in Mike's knee and various other areas kicked back in with avengance, and his pace slowed to about 2 Km/h and a gait that would in any other circumstances been pretty damn hillarious. Imagine how the Hunchback of Notre Dame would walk after three weeks on horseback and you get pretty close. It is my greatest regret that I didn't get some film of that. Posted by Picasa


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