Into the wide green yonder

Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday 8:31PM, 34 hours 31 mins
The victorious team. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 8:31PM, 34 hours 31 mins
The victorious walkers. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 8:28PM, 34 hours, 28 mins
Finally at the top of the last climb and heading down towards the finish. The crowd had no idea who we were, but cheered us on our way. Several kids were delighted to see that Superman had finished the walk. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 8:25PM, 34 hours 25 mins
It was a very long 8Km in the pitch black darkness, with many boulder scrambles, steep climbs and decents, and finished off with 1Km almost straigh up hill on slippery sandstone. We are only a few minutes away. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 5:48PM, 31 hours 48 mins
Finally ready to leave CP8 after an extended break to accommodate a very necessary taping of Superman's knee, we head off on the final 8Km stretch in the dark. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 2:33PM, 28 hours 33 mins
At the Cascades (the 8Km mark on this 17Km section) we take a blister check and food break. This bush fire truck and crew were having a training session that apparently ended up with the bank of the creek giving way under the truck and the trainees desperately trying to prevent the whole thing tipping into the water. Unfortunately we had moved on by then. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 2PM, 28 hours
After a long and now painful (due to the poorly state of our knees) decent on the trail to CP8, Tony walks on water. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 1:09PM, 27 hours 9 mins
On a rare road section Ren has mislaid a pole, but continues to mime her way through. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 12:14PM, 26 hours 14 mins
Leaving CP7. I have no idea why the support crew are laughing at me, but I get that a lot. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday 10:44AM, 24 hours 44 mins
At the top of yet another long hill climb, Tony was feeling so energetic that he gave us a demonstration of his Superman rap dancing. Here he is executing the "Super Wave". Posted by Picasa

Saturday 10:35AM, 24 hours 35 mins
Tony got a lot of comments on his Superman shirt. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 10:27AM, 24 hours 27 mins
Somewhere on the trail between CP6 and 7 we became a little disoriented. Here Tony and Ren are seen walking in confused little circles. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 8:51AM, 22 hours 51 mins
Her cunning plan had worked. The glue in the porridge was the perfect thing to get Mike to keep his trap shut. Tans is pretty happy with her achievement. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 8:40AM, 22 hours 40 mins
Finally at CP6, the lovely Tanya met us with porridge. Unfortunately, due to the lateness of our arrival the porridge had become somewhat thicker, and it was not until we all had the spoons in our mouths that we realised the similarities between porridge and super glue.
Actually, the porridge was fantastic after a nine Km trudge along the edge of the water. Mike had bowed to the weight of reason behind Ren's arguments and withdrew from Trailwalker 06. It was a gallant effort to struggle on for so many Km in the pain he must have been in. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 6:11AM, 20 hours 11 mins
Dawn between CP5 and 6. There is a big gap in the photos here because I was too tired to notice that I hadn't taken one for a while. Mike had battled on with his knee pain and tiredness since leaving CP4, but reversed a decision to withdraw after he had a good strapping from a physio and a two hour pass-out in the O'Brien's camper. The rest of us also put our heads down in the camper, and at 4:30AM we headded off for CP6.
Ren had entered her silent phase, so no-one really knew how she was, but at least she wasn't limping. Tony, as always, seemed in good spirits, and dispite having some pain in his knees was happy to keep moving at a solid pace. Mike made the initial down-hill section quite well, but was thankful at one point for Tony's quick hands when he almost slipped off a ledge into the darkness and was grabbed by Tony just in time. Drama!
After that, the pain in Mike's knee and various other areas kicked back in with avengance, and his pace slowed to about 2 Km/h and a gait that would in any other circumstances been pretty damn hillarious. Imagine how the Hunchback of Notre Dame would walk after three weeks on horseback and you get pretty close. It is my greatest regret that I didn't get some film of that. Posted by Picasa

Friday 11:24PM, 13 hours 24 minutes
The fantastic Dave and Cheryl. Posted by Picasa

Friday 11:04PM, 13 hours 4 mins
Mike had had it by the time we reached crosslands (CP4) and the hospitality of Tanya's parents. The picture says it all, and so did Mike when - in a repeat performance of the falling-on-his-arse-in-the-water incident - he dropped the F- word in front of persons of a more respectable age. However, Dave and Cheryl didn't bat an eyelid, and made us all feel much better with some hot stew. (Later, after his Trailwalk was over, he realised the error of his ways and appologised several times to Dave and Cheryl.) Posted by Picasa

Friday 9:17PM, 11 hours 17 mins
This was the only shot I took on this 16 Km leg between CP3 and 4. Tony is enjoying himself, but Mike is beginning to feel the knee pain that would cause him to invent some interesting new uses for the F- word down the trail. Posted by Picasa

Friday 6:13PM, 8 hrs 13 mins
We didn't stay long enough at CP3 to take any decent photos, but we did enjoy the soup! Posted by Picasa

Friday 5:22PM, 7 hours 22 mins
With sunset just minutes away we hit a very steep climb-down and it starts to spit. Posted by Picasa

Friday 4:25PM, 6 hours 25 mins
Tony takes advantage of the break by grapping a quick nap with his head resting on the sign. Posted by Picasa

Friday 3:39PM, 5 hours 39 mins
After a very professional grease and oil change at CP2 we are again on our way. Posted by Picasa

Friday 3:20PM, 5 hours 20 mins
The impulse I had to shave my ankles in the shower the previous night obviously ran out before I had finished the job. Posted by Picasa

Friday 2:51PM, 4 hours 51 mins
Ren waits patiently at the beginning of one of very, very many climbs. Posted by Picasa

Friday 2:30PM, 4 hours 30 mins
The first water crossing was a little slippery, but the guy in the wetsuit was definately taking water safety too far! Posted by Picasa